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Luxury jewellery designers Kyles Collection introduce their exclusive collection made with Swarovski Elements.

Kyles jewellery has become a widely recognised piece, you’ll find the unique colours, shapes the jewellery brand of and sparkle of Swarvoski’s incredible range choice with Asian brides in the UK and across the world. Along with their reputation for design, quality and British craftsmanship, the company also has a close business relationship with Swarovski Elements, the world’s premium brand, for manufactured crystal components.


Kyles chief designer, Nisha Dadi proudly reveals, ‘When Kyles Collection was formed we only wanted the best in materials and stones because bespoke items are all about the finer details. With our pieces you do not need to compromise on quality or design. In the shimmering world of jewellery, it’s easy to get drawn in by sparkly stones and glistening crystals but beauty should be practical, fusing only the finest and elegant stones with wearable materials. Swarovski are world leaders in crystals, which complemented our unique designs to make the finished product look truly elegant. So it only made sense to use nothing but Swarovski Elements as we firmly believe that a ‘Kyle’s bride’ can only walk away with the best. After we became more adventurous with our designs, we sourced bigger crystals in a myriad of colours, shapes and sizes, which have been well desired by all brides. With on going success, the quality has been addressed by brides and the support from Swarovski, as our exclusive supplier of crystals, has been immense.’

Unique Crystal Elements
Brides care about the quality and authenticity of their jewellery. It’s not just for the Big Day, but can also be passed on as a heritage piece, which is why Kyles Collection is authorised by Swarovski to label its products as ‘made with Swarovski Elements’. This quality label serves as a certificate of authenticity, marking products that have been made with 100% Swarovski Elements. The choice of stones has become a popular trend for discerning brides, who are not just focussing on just the design, but the intricate details. Nisha explains, ‘All aspects of your jewellery should be equally as stunning and complement one another.'

Once Swarovski Elements launch a new cut or colour, Kyles are invited to their seminars and events, to introduce the innovations within their designs and create trends for that season. Nisha adds, ‘As soon as a colour is launched, we are introduced to it by Swarovski, which allows us time to experiment and launch new and exciting designs incorporating Swarovski Elements into our jewellery designs and fusing different coloured crystals in our pieces.’

This year they saw the classic clear crystal taken over by the shimmering effect of Golden Shadow as brides are toning down for a more elegant, antique finish that complements the Asian skin tone. Nisha states, ‘We use crystal elements in Golden Shadow more than anyone else in the whole of Europe. We proudly stock almost every colour that Swarovski Elements have introduced, which means we can offer our brides versatility.’

More recently, Kyles were invited to Swarovski’s headquarters in Tyrol, Austria, for a customer-exclusive workshop to experience the vast Swarovski Elements range first hand. During their visit, the Kyles team gained valuable insights into Swarovski’s values, business ethics and its contemporary artistry and innovative flair. Nisha enthuses, ‘Swarovski are selective of who they invite so it was a privilege to visit the headquarters and meet all the staff involved in processing our orders, seeing the workshop, the different crystals, and having the whole experience. Swarovski make their own jewellery, interior design and lightings, so it was inspiring to see their crystal designs and the different ways Swarovski Elements can be used, such as the Chambers of Wonder.'

Kyles Collection are creating a timeless appeal that all brides will enjoy. Expect contemporary, simple pendants in art deco designs that infuse vibrant colours in big crystal pendants. Big statement pieces include the classic ornate head jewellery, pearls, their new creation of snow white inspired back piece with crystals shaped as a peacock. Book your bridal appointment online and let Kyles create the perfect colour hues for your illustrious wedding outfit.




September 25, 2013 — Rav Dadi

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