Party Jewellery

A collection of customisable party jewellery from simple earrings to casual sets.

Shahpur Collection
Code: C1059_SET

Aveer Collection
Code: C1056_SET
Mahroosh Collection
Code: C1057_SET
Insiyah Collection
Code: C1055_SET

Heerat Collection
Code: c1048_set
Atrani Collection
Code: C1049_SET
Dishna Collection
Code: C1047_SET
Palwasha Set
Code: C1050_SET
Samona Collection
Code: C1043_SET
Miraaj Party Collection
Code: C1041_SET
Samara Collection
Code: C1042_SET
Nissa Collection
Code: C1035_SET
Zarqa Collection
Code: C1034_SET
Code: C1025_AG
Express delivery available in

Nwabi Collection
Code: C1023_SET
Khazana Set
Code: C1022_SET
Zumeena Set
Code: C1020_SET
Fazeen Collection
Code: C1019_SET
Nakaash Collection
Code: C1010_SET
Izma Party Set
Code: C1006PJ_SET
Kaniza Set
Code: C1009_SET
Sahana Collection
Code: C1008_SET
Mia Collection
Code: C50SK_SET
Manasa Party Set
Code: C991PJ_SET
Circle Stone Choker
Code: KC50SET

Simply Petal Collection
Code: C997SK_SET
Manasari Set
Code: C996_SET
Simply Sawana Set
Code: C930SK_SET
Amarula Pendant Set
Code: C959_SET
Shareza Pendant Set
Code: C969_SET
Sawana Pendant Set
Code: C955_SET
Nerine Petal Set
Code: C938_SET
Zareen Cross Set
Code: C924_SET
Cluster Nava Set
Code: C925_SET
Trecenta Oval Set
Code: C911_SET
Windsor Twist
Code: C865_SET
Grapevine Set
Code: C901_SET
Serenity Collection
Code: C896_SET

Cocktail Chic Set
Code: C884_SET
Feather Vine Set
Code: C882_SET
Coco Gleam Set
Code: C881_SET
Azora Set
Code: C853_SET
Floriano Collection
Code: C851_SET
Anthea Floral Set
Code: C850_SET
Isis Navette Set
Code: C856_SET
Dhalla Flow Set
Code: C859_SET
Kielo Swirl Set
Code: C860_SET
Bouvardia Set
Code: C816_SET
Ruscus Set
Code: C780_SET
Cleopatra Sareen Set
Code: C770_SET
Oval Princess Set
Code: C715_SET
Garden of Eden Set
Code: C700_SET
Fillergry Cluster Set
Code: C600_SET
Circle Stone Set
Code: C50_SET
Classic Victorian Set
Code: C22_SET
Dainty Petal Link Set
Code: C202_SET