Look Great With Less Jewellery

Look Great With Less Jewellery

How to make a big impact with just a hint of jewellery.


We have so many accessories which can be worn as a statement piece on their own. Many women feel they need to wear a lot of accessories to achieve a striking impression. 
However in this article we give you some great styling tips and products which work with the theme of beauty in simplicity... lets show you some inspiration!

The Nerine Couture Earrings have lots of crystals so they'll be sparkling from across the room. An hour glass shape with moving links so the movement looks stunning as you walk. They're currently £88 and can be found here.



This below Nerine Necklace can be worn as a necklace and also in your hair making it very versatile. Notice how the below image creates an impact, yet we have no other jewellery accessories featured which demonstrates the point of one focal item in your look. Checkout the Nerine pieces here.



The Manassa earrings and head piece are really simple yet they uplift your whole look as you can see in the below blue lengha. By choosing a neutral combination like Rhodium/ crystal you can also adorn this with many other outfits in your wardrobe. Check out the earrings here and the headpiece here.



Finally this Filigree pendant set adds a hint of jewellery to this elegant outfit. The studs and dainty necklace don't distract you from the whole look but elegantly compliment the theme of simplicity. You can view the Filigree pendant set here.

So in conclusion we hope you can see that the right simple jewellery accessory can create a lasting impression. All of the items can be customised in over 80. crystal shades and many plating finishes. 
Check out some more ideas in our fashion look books here.

And as always, get in touch with the team if you have any queries.

April 25, 2023
5 Bridal Mistakes to avoid

5 Bridal Mistakes to avoid

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding outfit. While many brides are excited to start shopping early, they often make some common mistakes that can lead to confusion and disappointment. In this article, we'll address some of the major stereotypical ideas that brides may have and we'll ask industry experts what they think about these mistakes.

Mistake 1: Starting Wedding Outfit Shopping Too Early

One of the most common mistakes that brides generally tend to make when starting their wedding outfit shopping is doing so too early. Nowadays, engagements are kept longer than they used to be, so it's inevitable to get excited and start shopping and looking around at what's out there. However, when you start something so far in advance (which is about a year to a year and a half in advance), it can get a little confusing for a lot of brides because the choice is unlimited.

- Pro Tip from Charmi

At charming creations, experts recommend starting your research and shopping between four months to seven months before the wedding. This time frame is plenty of time for you to make a decision on which designer you'd like to go with.

Mistake 2: Having A Set Look In Mind

Another common mistake that brides make is fixating on a certain picture they've seen on the web, on social media, or in magazines, and having a set look that they want to create. While it's important to have a vision, it's also important to have a conversation with your makeup artist and put your trust in them that they have their professional opinion too. This will ensure that you create a look that's going to look good on your features and your skin, and that's going to suit you.
- Pro Tip from Ambreen

Mistake 3: Leaving Your Jewellery Till The End

One major mistake is not leaving enough time for your jewellery to be styled and created for you. At Kyles, our experts need about three weeks to hand craft your jewellery. We offer an instore or virtual consultation to assess all the needs that you may have, plus what's going to suit you. Our team take a lot of pride in taking all of these concepts and aspects into consideration before they help you style and create a jewellery piece to suit your style and of course budget.

- Pro Tip from Nisha

Mistake 4: Not Taking Care Of Hair Leading Up To The Wedding

Every bride dreams of having long luscious hair on their wedding day, but it's more important to maintain healthy-looking hair. One of the biggest mistakes most brides make is that they don't cover and trim their hair leading up to the big day. Experts recommend trimming the hair, keeping it healthy, and conditioning it leading up to the wedding day.

- Pro Tip from Aamir

Mistake 5: Doing Aerobics And Starving Themselves To Look Perfect

 One of my favourite clients are brides, but the mistake they often make is doing hours of aerobics and going on a no-calorie starvation diet, which has shown not to work. Experts suggest getting a vision of exactly what you want to look like in your wedding dress and backing it up with high-intensity resistance training and a low glycemic diet. This will help you get great results.
- Pro Tip from Jagir


Planning a wedding can be a daunting task, but with the right guidance and support, it can be a wonderful experience. By avoiding these common mistakes, brides can ensure that they look and feel their best on their special day. Experts recommend starting the shopping process at the right time, having a vision, taking care of your hair, and focusing on a healthy lifestyle. These tips will help you have a successful and enjoyable wedding experience.

Watch the video version here:

April 18, 2023
Clever Colour Combinations That Are Still Versatile

Clever Colour Combinations That Are Still Versatile

If you’re someone who loves colourful jewellery but feel it limits you to accessorise it with only a couple of outfits, here are some styling tips that will help to create more versatile and usable jewellery combinations. 

Most people tend to have 1-3 core colours that they love wearing regularly. Based on the colours of your choice, our expert stylists can advise on versatile combinations that you can also wear with multiple outfits.

 Accent Colour Combinations

Some customers have one particular colour found across many of their outfits. For such instances, we recommend having a little bit of an accent colour in your jewellery which is complimented with neutral tones like clear crystal or golden shadow Swarovski crystals to give some flexibility to go with other outfits. Take these products for example which only uses a hint of Pacific opal along with neutral crystals.

Gulnaar Jhumki Earrings

Mahroosh Chandelier Earrings

Multicolour Combinations

At Kyles we have many accessories which look amazing with harmonic colour hues. These combinations complement each other so well using vibrant shades along with subtle pastel Swarovski crystals to balance out the look.

 Ela Cluster Studs

Take for instance these Ela Cluster Earrings which have various hues of pink, green, and golden shadow. With this colour combination, you have more opportunities to wear these earrings with different colour outfits in your wardrobe as well as combining them with western and traditional Indian outfits.

Shades of a Colour

Rather than going for a completely monotone look such as all golden shadow crystals or an all emerald crystal combo to match one specific outfit, why not opt for a variety of shades of that colour? This option allows you to wear the jewellery again and again should you wish to wear another shade of that colour.

If you like wearing neutral colours like beige or cream, we’d advise a variety of shades within the that colour spectrum. This will allow you switch from wearing dark-coloured outfits to light-coloured outfits.

Ela Cluster Studs

Eden Choker Set

Another example is if you like wearing various shades of blue, then we can create a combination that will not limit you to wearing the jewellery with one specific colour tone.

The different hues of that colour in your jewellery will also ensure your final look doesn’t look flat or monotone.

Book a Free Consultation

Would you like to experiment with colours in your next jewellery set? Book a free consultation with an expert stylist and let’s create an amazing bespoke set that you’d love to wear and again, alternatively check out our range online.


Kyles Collection

August 19, 2021
How to Create a Balanced Look, Whatever the Occasion

How to Create a Balanced Look, Whatever the Occasion

We all want to look perfect for that special occasion, however many people do not strike the right balance of accessories to suit their look. We believe striking the right balance along with the right colour combination is an imperative part in looking your best. In our 30 years of jewellery experience, we have found the right looks to bring out someone’s true beauty.

Whether you’re a bride or attending an event, here are some useful tips to create your perfect ensemble.

 Ramisa Collection

What's The Event Theme or Occasion?

Whether it’s a traditional wedding or Western-style soirée, you’ll find a range of bespoke designs from modern to more ethnic styles to reflect the occasion.

If you’re a traditional bride-to-be or attending a traditional event, we will advise on selecting sets that will harmoniously go with your traditional outfit as well as paying homage to your heritage and family customs. For traditional events we have vintage-style jhumki earrings with clustered beads which are on trend with the occasion.

If it’s a civil wedding ceremony or a similar event, we will help create a bespoke set to match more contemporary outfits with our modern or fusion jewellery designs. There is still no compromise with our lighter sets as they equally make a statement.

The below Manasa headpiece is a perfect accessory for someone attending a wedding with just the right amount of sparkle to suit the outfit and occasion.

Manasa Party Set

Outfit Choice

Your outfit (e.g. neckline, embroidery and colour) will often guide us in advising on the best jewellery designs and how many pieces are sufficient.

 We understand that some brides-to-be and event attendees want a full set – necklace, earrings, tikka, jummar, nath, etc – but we advise on creating a balanced look with carefully selected pieces that still meets or supersedes their expectations.

If your outfit has a high neckline (example below), a necklace or choker may look congested. However, it leaves room to experiment with other pieces like statement earrings and headpieces.

Simply Manasa Set

If a necklace is a must, we then advise on trying a Rani Harr for that fuller bridal look.

Simply Navabi Collection


At the end of the day, we want you to be your true authentic self and we can reflect that in the jewellery. Thanks to our bespoke design service, we cater for all styles from the most elaborate designs to simpler sets.

If bigger jewellery pieces are your preference, then we consider your outfit and the event to design an ensemble that will reflect your out-going nature without compromising on elegance.

Simply Mahal Collection

For those that take a ‘less is more’ approach, we can certainly tailor our designs to your preferred style or remove pieces for a lighter feel.

Simply Mahal Collection

We can also advise on the perfect crystal and plating combinations to enhance your outfit and create your signature look.

Aina Collection

What’s Your Next Event?

We have jewellery for every occasion. Choose from our traditional, modern or fusion designs that are sure to compliment your outfit and make you feel your best at any function.

Book a free consultation with an expert stylist and let’s create you a unique set or simply browse hundreds of items online and talk to our team via WhatsApp if that's easier.


Kyles Collection

January 10, 2021
Women wearing asian fashion jewellery in santorini

Asian Fashion jewellery- How to create the perfect look

With so much choice of jewellery for South Asians, how can the modern women achieve that perfect look?

We offer our top tips to consider to create a stunning look whether your attending a wedding or any other Asian party.


Tip 1 - Decide on the style

With South Asian jewellery you can choose all types of cultural trends for example Pakistani traditional looks or modern fusion Indian looks. This will determine the type of outfit, colour scheme and jewellery designs which work best.

Pakistani fashion jewellery with green outfitModern indian outfit with Kyles Collection jewellery


Tip 2 - The Outfit

Pick an outfit suitable for the occasion, you don’t want to be overdressed! Consider the latest trends in Asian lengha’s or sari’s. Instagram is a great source to get up to date fashion tips and trends from the latest designers. Also you need to be aware of the climate, is it an outdoor summer event or a classic evening occasion?

Tip 3 - Colour Scheme

Choose jewellery and outfits that compliment your skin tone. At Kyles we offer over 100 Swarovski crystals in our jewellery range to match the colours in your outfit.

Tip 4 - Create a balanced look

We believe in creating a balanced look with your jewellery and outfit for perfect harmony. Avoid over accessorising your look as this will create a confusing over the top style with clashing elements! We suggest one statement jewellery piece along with lighter pieces. For example, go for statement earrings and a simple tika or a bold necklace with petite earrings.

indian girl wearing jewellery on beachBengali woman wearing sari on the beach

Tip 5 - Concentrate on the details

At Kyles we have hundreds of jewellery designs all different cultural influences. Jumki earrings and pearl drops work very well with Pakistani styles whereas pendant necklaces are perfect for evening cocktail parties.

Kyles collection asian jewellery with orange lengha

At Kyles we have hundreds of items which can be bought straight away or can be customised in a wide array of Swarovski crystal shades.

Need some styling advice?
Speak to our designers instore or through facetime to create the perfect jewellery accessories for your function. We have all types of pieces for all types of budgets. Take a look at our Instagram page for up to date styling ideas and more.

Want to save 10% on any Kyles jewellery? Get yor exclusive code here:


February 01, 2020
Is our custom Asian jewellery better than gold?

Is our custom Asian jewellery better than gold?

Is gold jewellery still the preferred choice for south Asians or are there any other quality options?

Throughout time gold has always being a respected asset by South Asians due to its regal status and long term value.
However as the world constantly changes, so do the trends in fashion and styling. A Kyles Collection we have witnessed a notable shift over the last 15 years. Indians, Pakistanis and other South Asians have been moving away from traditional gold jewellery, for many different reasons.

Why has gold lost its appeal?

  • Status

We have noticed, especially in the UK, that women don't feel pressured to show off their wealth status by being adorned with gold jewellery on their wedding day. More of the wedding budget is being spent on the venue, the catering and the entertainment.

south asian bride wearing gold jewellery

  • The Changing trends of fashion

Women are heavily influenced by social media these days and fashion has been fused by different cultures from around the world. Women like co-ordinated looks to match their wedding day outfits, décor theme and so forth, for a cohesive perfect match. Gold cannot be customised in terms of colour like our own custom Asian jewellery. Kyles have a choice of 100 genuine Swarovski crystals and offer another six plating finishes in all of the jewellery.

Indian bride wearing yellow outfitSouth Asian bride at reception event

  • Criminal Attraction

Unfortunately, in recent years, there has been many robberies and thefts of people’s houses in the UK. Cash and gold are major targets by criminals which are assets predominantly owned by South Asians. The consequences are that gold has been stored in secure banks which means they do not get worn as originally intended leading to a search for alternative fashion jewellery accessories.

The Kyles bespoke service

Offering hundreds of jewellery sets influenced by Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi culture. Kyles add their own creative twist by using higher quality western metal and Swarovski crystals for a premium product all hand made in London. We also boast that our designers can create the perfect matching jewellery to any outfit. Styling customers for various South Asian occasions like weddings, Mehndi occasions civil receptions Walima’s and so forth.

Indian wedding jewellery in purple with SwarovskiTraditional indian jewellery with pearls with wedding outfit

In summary we still believe gold has its value and offers some place in Asian heritage however due to recent trends, the modern Asian woman is looking for accessories that compliment her outfits much better and that’s where our unique jewellery fits perfectly!

If you would like our stylists to create any custom jewellery, then get in touch for a free FaceTime or instore appointment, whether you need a full wedding set or just a pair of earrings we're here to help.

October 15, 2019
Dubai Photoshoot- BTS

Dubai Photoshoot- BTS


Asian Jewellery Photoshoot in Dubai- Behind the Scenes

The creative Kyles team went to the glorious sand dunes and skyscrapers of Dubai to shoot their latest jewellery designs. With a talented team from the Asian fashion and wedding industry to assist in makeup, styling, photography and more.

The full range of sets which have a strong Indian and Pakistani jewellery influence are available to view and buy online or instores through authorised stockists all over the UK and abroad.


Checkout the talented team behind the shoot:

Outfits by Estie Couture http://estecouture.com/

Photography & Videograghy by VIP Studio https://www.thevipstudio.com/

Makeup by Aarti P https://www.aarti-p.com/

May 10, 2019
Top Bridal Looks & WHY!

Top Bridal Looks & WHY!

My top Bridal Looks and why- Indian & Pakistani Jewellery

In this short video we explain how stunning these brides look in our standard and bespoke Asian bridal jewellery.

Asian jewellery has many different styles, colours and sizes. Our designer Nisha demonstrates the need for a balanced look for a Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi wedding.
We use Swarovski crystals to create the perfect match to the wedding outfit along with the right colour hue of the plating finish.

We also consider the customers height, weight and skin tone to decide the right jewellery accessory to compliment her overall look.

We offer instore appointments at our luxury showroom and through our stockists who are located all over the world. However, if you live further away we can also offer facetime and video calls to advise you viryually so you can easily purchase our hand crafted jewellery online.

Book an appointment here and speak to our creative team who are based in the fashion capital of London.

Book an appointment here 

April 11, 2019
How to Avoid a Nickel Allergy

How to Avoid a Nickel Allergy


Nickel Jewellery Allergy, Stay Safe

Jewellery allergy can be a common cause of contact allergic dermatitis. Most jewellery allergies are caused by the metal nickel which is used in the manufacture of metal alloys. In less expensive jewellery, nickel is often used in the base metal which is the reason it can cause all types of irritations.

Also in the plating process of gold or silver nickel can also be used to coat the jewellery.

However our hand made jewellery is completely nickel free from the base tin alloy and the entire plating process, so you can feel safe wearing our designer jewellery.

We have hundreds of jewellery accessories online and instores to suit all types of occasions like weddings, engagements along with general events like evening parties and any types of festive occasions.

If you have any queries regarding the manufacturing of our items, get in touch with our team in London and we'd be happy to help answer any of your questions or concerns.

January 21, 2019
Top Bridal Trends for 2019

Top Bridal Trends for 2019

January 21, 2019
Real Indian bride on her wedding day

Our Favourite Real Asian Brides

Here's an amazing portfolio of beautiful real brides on their big day!
January 09, 2019
Top 5 Partywear Looks

Top 5 Partywear Looks

Partywear Jewellery fo the Modern Asian Woman

Whether your attending a wedding or celebrating another party this summer, Kyles have the perfect accessory to suit the occasion.
Take a look at our top faves, to make you shine out from the crowd.
The classical Vine choker is a simple choker with many sparkling Swarovski crystals to create a perfect accessory for evening dinners. Shop the range HERE 
For a traditional look, you can view our stunning range of jumki earrings, with all types of beads available, from £38. Shop the range HERE
For a very understated look, go for a western-style pendant set in neutral colours to complement many outfits in your wardrobe, Our Luminate set is only £68 for the necklace/ earrings duo. Shop the range HERE
If your attending a wedding, then this Shanari set could be a striking look with pearl beads and an antique look. Shop the range HERE
And finally for our top pick! This headpiece and earring combination is so simple but so versatile for so many functions. Checkout the Manasa headpiece for only £58, shop the range HERE
Take a look at hundreds of more items on our website, and if you need any styling advise, email us or WhatsApp our team on +447955040994
Happy Shopping ;)
April 21, 2018