We all want to look perfect for that special occasion, however many people do not strike the right balance of accessories to suit their look. We believe striking the right balance along with the right colour combination is an imperative part in looking your best. In our 30 years of jewellery experience, we have found the right looks to bring out someone’s true beauty.

Whether you’re a bride or attending an event, here are some useful tips to create your perfect ensemble.

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What's The Event Theme or Occasion?

Whether it’s a traditional wedding or Western-style soirée, you’ll find a range of bespoke designs from modern to more ethnic styles to reflect the occasion.

If you’re a traditional bride-to-be or attending a traditional event, we will advise on selecting sets that will harmoniously go with your traditional outfit as well as paying homage to your heritage and family customs. For traditional events we have vintage-style jhumki earrings with clustered beads which are on trend with the occasion.

If it’s a civil wedding ceremony or a similar event, we will help create a bespoke set to match more contemporary outfits with our modern or fusion jewellery designs. There is still no compromise with our lighter sets as they equally make a statement.

The below Manasa headpiece is a perfect accessory for someone attending a wedding with just the right amount of sparkle to suit the outfit and occasion.

Manasa Party Set

Outfit Choice

Your outfit (e.g. neckline, embroidery and colour) will often guide us in advising on the best jewellery designs and how many pieces are sufficient.

 We understand that some brides-to-be and event attendees want a full set – necklace, earrings, tikka, jummar, nath, etc – but we advise on creating a balanced look with carefully selected pieces that still meets or supersedes their expectations.

If your outfit has a high neckline (example below), a necklace or choker may look congested. However, it leaves room to experiment with other pieces like statement earrings and headpieces.

Simply Manasa Set

If a necklace is a must, we then advise on trying a Rani Harr for that fuller bridal look.

Simply Navabi Collection


At the end of the day, we want you to be your true authentic self and we can reflect that in the jewellery. Thanks to our bespoke design service, we cater for all styles from the most elaborate designs to simpler sets.

If bigger jewellery pieces are your preference, then we consider your outfit and the event to design an ensemble that will reflect your out-going nature without compromising on elegance.

Simply Mahal Collection

For those that take a ‘less is more’ approach, we can certainly tailor our designs to your preferred style or remove pieces for a lighter feel.

Simply Mahal Collection

We can also advise on the perfect crystal and plating combinations to enhance your outfit and create your signature look.

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What’s Your Next Event?

We have jewellery for every occasion. Choose from our traditional, modern or fusion designs that are sure to compliment your outfit and make you feel your best at any function.

Book a free consultation with an expert stylist and let’s create you a unique set or simply browse hundreds of items online and talk to our team via WhatsApp if that's easier.


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January 10, 2021 — Rav Dadi

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