If you’re someone who loves colourful jewellery but feel it limits you to accessorise it with only a couple of outfits, here are some styling tips that will help to create more versatile and usable jewellery combinations. 

Most people tend to have 1-3 core colours that they love wearing regularly. Based on the colours of your choice, our expert stylists can advise on versatile combinations that you can also wear with multiple outfits.

 Accent Colour Combinations

Some customers have one particular colour found across many of their outfits. For such instances, we recommend having a little bit of an accent colour in your jewellery which is complimented with neutral tones like clear crystal or golden shadow Swarovski crystals to give some flexibility to go with other outfits. Take these products for example which only uses a hint of Pacific opal along with neutral crystals.

Gulnaar Jhumki Earrings

Mahroosh Chandelier Earrings

Multicolour Combinations

At Kyles we have many accessories which look amazing with harmonic colour hues. These combinations complement each other so well using vibrant shades along with subtle pastel Swarovski crystals to balance out the look.

 Ela Cluster Studs

Take for instance these Ela Cluster Earrings which have various hues of pink, green, and golden shadow. With this colour combination, you have more opportunities to wear these earrings with different colour outfits in your wardrobe as well as combining them with western and traditional Indian outfits.

Shades of a Colour

Rather than going for a completely monotone look such as all golden shadow crystals or an all emerald crystal combo to match one specific outfit, why not opt for a variety of shades of that colour? This option allows you to wear the jewellery again and again should you wish to wear another shade of that colour.

If you like wearing neutral colours like beige or cream, we’d advise a variety of shades within the that colour spectrum. This will allow you switch from wearing dark-coloured outfits to light-coloured outfits.

Ela Cluster Studs

Eden Choker Set

Another example is if you like wearing various shades of blue, then we can create a combination that will not limit you to wearing the jewellery with one specific colour tone.

The different hues of that colour in your jewellery will also ensure your final look doesn’t look flat or monotone.

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Would you like to experiment with colours in your next jewellery set? Book a free consultation with an expert stylist and let’s create an amazing bespoke set that you’d love to wear and again, alternatively check out our range online.


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August 19, 2021 — Rav Dadi

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