Is gold jewellery still the preferred choice for south Asians or are there any other quality options?

Throughout time gold has always being a respected asset by South Asians due to its regal status and long term value.
However as the world constantly changes, so do the trends in fashion and styling. A Kyles Collection we have witnessed a notable shift over the last 15 years. Indians, Pakistanis and other South Asians have been moving away from traditional gold jewellery, for many different reasons.

Why has gold lost its appeal?

  • Status

We have noticed, especially in the UK, that women don't feel pressured to show off their wealth status by being adorned with gold jewellery on their wedding day. More of the wedding budget is being spent on the venue, the catering and the entertainment.

south asian bride wearing gold jewellery

  • The Changing trends of fashion

Women are heavily influenced by social media these days and fashion has been fused by different cultures from around the world. Women like co-ordinated looks to match their wedding day outfits, décor theme and so forth, for a cohesive perfect match. Gold cannot be customised in terms of colour like our own custom Asian jewellery. Kyles have a choice of 100 genuine Swarovski crystals and offer another six plating finishes in all of the jewellery.

Indian bride wearing yellow outfitSouth Asian bride at reception event

  • Criminal Attraction

Unfortunately, in recent years, there has been many robberies and thefts of people’s houses in the UK. Cash and gold are major targets by criminals which are assets predominantly owned by South Asians. The consequences are that gold has been stored in secure banks which means they do not get worn as originally intended leading to a search for alternative fashion jewellery accessories.

The Kyles bespoke service

Offering hundreds of jewellery sets influenced by Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi culture. Kyles add their own creative twist by using higher quality western metal and Swarovski crystals for a premium product all hand made in London. We also boast that our designers can create the perfect matching jewellery to any outfit. Styling customers for various South Asian occasions like weddings, Mehndi occasions civil receptions Walima’s and so forth.

Indian wedding jewellery in purple with SwarovskiTraditional indian jewellery with pearls with wedding outfit

In summary we still believe gold has its value and offers some place in Asian heritage however due to recent trends, the modern Asian woman is looking for accessories that compliment her outfits much better and that’s where our unique jewellery fits perfectly!

If you would like our stylists to create any custom jewellery, then get in touch for a free FaceTime or instore appointment, whether you need a full wedding set or just a pair of earrings we're here to help.

October 15, 2019 — Rav Dadi

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