What forms a perfect Asian bridal Look, and why?

We created jewellery for hundreds of brides over the past few years and here are some of our best looks.

Choose a neutral Colour pallet for accessories

Radhika had a heavily embroidered outfit with delicate flowers all over the top. Instead of matching the various colours we chose to create a neutral set with feminine pearls and crystals by Swarovski from our latest Veevar Collection. This is a better option rather than creating a multi-coloured jewellery set which can look complicated and too busy!

indian bride

Follow the same theme throughout the look

Aman chose a classic vibrant red wedding dress and we custom made a layered traditional necklace with a vintage style Hair Matha patti to accentuate the authentic style. This works well because the style of the dress is reflected with the same theme of Indian jewellery.

Choose jewellery that compliments your physique 

This bride had a soft pastel outfit for her reception look. She was petite so a simple necklace tikka and earrings combo was exactly the accessories she needed.

Your Jewellery should compliment you, not overpower you

Kiran had two different looks embracing the different wedding cultures in the UK. For the Indian function the Aina set was just right and the Rani harr necklace sat perfectly on the plain siam top, with a headpiece to compliment her and not overpower the look.

Follow the details in the outfit/ Lengha

Manni had a lovely golden outfit with a hint of siam, so we chose the Ramisa jewellery range to match her embroidery style and created a rustic look with antique gold plating and a touch of siam Swarovski crystal to match the dress and neckline.

Take inspiration from the different cultures

Finally Forida had a cream and gold outfit, and the Adeema set looked perfect with authentic pearl strings and rustic antique gold plating to finalise the look. Clustered pearls are a classic look for a Pakistani look so incorporating this in your jewellery will accentuate the traditional styling for your wedding day.

As you can see, we take into account many factors when creating the perfect bridal look.

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January 09, 2019 — Manjna Dadi

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