Partywear Jewellery fo the Modern Asian Woman

Whether your attending a wedding or celebrating another party this summer, Kyles have the perfect accessory to suit the occasion.
Take a look at our top faves, to make you shine out from the crowd.
The classical Vine choker is a simple choker with many sparkling Swarovski crystals to create a perfect accessory for evening dinners. Shop the range HERE 
For a traditional look, you can view our stunning range of jumki earrings, with all types of beads available, from £38. Shop the range HERE
For a very understated look, go for a western-style pendant set in neutral colours to complement many outfits in your wardrobe, Our Luminate set is only £68 for the necklace/ earrings duo. Shop the range HERE
If your attending a wedding, then this Shanari set could be a striking look with pearl beads and an antique look. Shop the range HERE
And finally for our top pick! This headpiece and earring combination is so simple but so versatile for so many functions. Checkout the Manasa headpiece for only £58, shop the range HERE
Take a look at hundreds of more items on our website, and if you need any styling advise, email us or WhatsApp our team on +447955040994
Happy Shopping ;)
April 21, 2018 — Rav Dadi

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