Nickel Jewellery Allergy, Stay Safe

Jewellery allergy can be a common cause of contact allergic dermatitis. Most jewellery allergies are caused by the metal nickel which is used in the manufacture of metal alloys. In less expensive jewellery, nickel is often used in the base metal which is the reason it can cause all types of irritations.

Also in the plating process of gold or silver nickel can also be used to coat the jewellery.

However our hand made jewellery is completely nickel free from the base tin alloy and the entire plating process, so you can feel safe wearing our designer jewellery.

We have hundreds of jewellery accessories online and instores to suit all types of occasions like weddings, engagements along with general events like evening parties and any types of festive occasions.

If you have any queries regarding the manufacturing of our items, get in touch with our team in London and we'd be happy to help answer any of your questions or concerns.

January 21, 2019 — Manjna Dadi

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