With their new collection and recent expansion: now’s the time to visit Kyles Collection (As featured in Asiana Wedding Magazine)

Kyles Collection have long been one of the biggest names in Asian bridal jewellery in the UK. At the forefront of new concepts, their designs set the trends that others follow. Beauty and intricacy lie at the heart of every single piece of their range – all of which can be made bespoke, with your choice of precious materials and Swarovski crystals.



2012: The new collection

Updating the timeless Mughal princess look that never seems to go out of fashion, the team have launched the Heritage range adding an unexpected subtleness to traditional antique gold and bronze jewellery. To complement this more understated feel, the choice of stones is important. Nisha explains: ‘We frost our Swarovski crystals, making the stone look almost matt for a more sophisticated result as well as working with darker shades. It’s not just the main statement pieces that matter, all aspects of your jewellery should be equally as stunning. Which is why Kyles can even make bespoke chura sets, ensuring the finish meets the same standards of your necklace. They have also introduced triangle shaped kaleeray to hang from your wrist, available in all colours.

2012: The new showroom

With over two decades of designs behind them and ever increasing demands, it was only a matter of time before this unique jewellery brand would expand and this year sees their Green Street showroom double in size – there’s something new for everyone, even regular customers. Set over two floors, you can now explore a more extensive selection, while enjoying a more comfortable consultation. But don’t worry if you can’t visit instore yourself. Nisha reveals: ‘We now have 14 stockists in the UK and four international ones in Mauritius, Denmark, Canada, Finland and New York’.

Later this year the team will be launching the Kyles Elite Bridal Box: a new concept in jewellery boxes. After all, there’s no point owning an heirloom creation, if you don’t have somewhere safe to keep it. Nisha adds: ‘I can’t wait to show it off! Drawing on our years of expertise we’ve designed a gorgeous wooden piano style box with special sections to make sure your wedding jewellery is preserved for years to come.’

Digital Shopper
Enhance your instore shopping experience with a virtual tour of their full collection; perfect if you want to browse at your own leisure. Rav Dadi, Marketing Manager explains: ‘Technology has always been important to Kyles. So we’ve produced an interactive digital catalogue allowing couples to familiarise themselves with our brand and designs.’

June 12, 2012 — Rav Dadi

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