Kyles Collection present their latest innovation, the Elite Bridal Box

(As featured in Asiana Wedding Magazine)

Kyles have been at the cutting edge of bridal jewellery for more than two decades – but their latest innovation is not something you can wear. Instead, it is something equally beautiful and very, very practical. Say hello to the Kyles Elite Bridal Box.

Reviving and upgrading the traditional jewellery trunk, this work of art underlines the fact that few companies understand the modern day bride better
than Kyles.

The stylish creation consists of two beautiful compartments, designed to be large enough to ensure your wedding jewellery is preserved for years to come. After all, there’s no point owning an heirloom, if you don’t have somewhere safe to keep it.
Best of all, the Elite Bridal Box is priceless – as it comes as a gift from Kyles with every full bridal set.

This latest innovation is just part of the on- going commitment to first class service that has made this award-winning company so admired in the wedding industry.
Just as beauty and intricacy lies at the heart of every single piece from their range, the jewellery box is a fine reflection of just that. The graceful jewellery bridal box will complement and safeguard your exquisite Kyles sets and couture pieces for years to come. With all the love, attention and intricate details that go into making bridal jewellery, that same love and attention has been passed onto the design process for the elite box.
Brand Manager Rav Dadi enthuses, ‘It was only a matter of time before this unique creation was born under the Kyles Collection brand. It took months of development before we created the perfect polished result. We ensured it was the ideal keepsake that had a timeless finish so brides would be proud of it, years down the line.’

‘It took months of development before we created the perfect polished result’

‘We have been designing jewellery for over two decades, but this was one of our most exciting ventures. When brides place their jewellery in this box they can rest assured that their heirlooms will always retain the same quality as the day of purchase.’

It’s perfect for showing off during your morning photographs when you’re getting ready or for presenting gifts on stage (make sure your videographer captures the action!)

The Chura
Kyles have introduced a new bridal chura set with a difference whic can be worn again and again. Nisha explains: ‘The red diamante bangle set can be mixed and matched so that you won’t just wear it once, but on many occasions. The chura holds a very special meaning and will always be a reminder of the bride’s special day every time she wears it.’

These Elite boxes can be bought separately or as a package with your jewellery order, both instore or online.

June 18, 2014 — Rav Dadi

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