Everyone wants to show off their style, and why not? It expresses your confidence, especially your uniqueness and individuality. So flaunt it!

Jewellery is one of the ways we express style and taste in fashion. A question for all jewellery enthusiasts: How much jewellery is too much or too little? Is there a rule for the minimum or maximum pieces of jewellery you can wear for each part of the body?

It is easy to get carried away with the glistening tones of the jewels that scream, “Wear me!” and we succumb to the temptation that promises to catch the eyes of adoring audiences. However, you soon find yourself trapped under a messy mass of confusion.

Follow these simple tips to avoid the clutter and display your jewels in style:

Top Tip #1: For plainer outfits, choose one, bold statement jewellery as the main centerpiece. It’s best to choose a statement piece that is worn on the upper half of the body (i.e. necklaces, head pieces and earrings) as the eyes of your audience are automatically drawn to that area as displayed in the photo below. Compliment your look with simpler accessories so not to detract from that focal piece.

Top Tip #2: Why not pick an outfit that’s made for a particular piece? In the below photo you can see how we created this backpiece especially for this daring dress.


Top Tip #3: Physique, your height and body figure is an important factor when wearing statement jewellery. The beauty of a long tall lady’s neck is perfect for a choker and a petite bride looks perfect in just one statement piece.

Top Tip #4: Head pieces such as Tikkas, Shingar Pattis, etc. can either distort or highlight features of your face. Consider your face shape before purchasing couture head pieces. This model’s face shape (below) is small and slim, yet the tikka and jummar sit nicely away from her face.

Top Tip #5: Match your statement necklace with the right neckline to ensure it stands out. Strapless, off-the shoulder, scoop necked or V-necked dresses and tops are ideal styles (an example is shown below).


Whatever your style, jewellery is designed to communicate a story about the outfit that it accompanies such as enhancing or accentuating certain features of the outfit design and also complimenting your physique. Standout from the crowd in style and let your statement pieces highlight your look.





March 21, 2017 — Rav Dadi

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