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Kyles launch a new concept for brides

Kyles Collection is the biggest name in Asian jewellery – and with their continued focus on quality and service, they have now launched a new concept for their number one customer – the bride.
The Kyles Exclusive Bridal Evening is a new service, designed for the busy, professional bride-to-be who is looking for one-to-one time with a Kyles expert, but at a time that suits her best.
Existing Kyles fans will know that entering the boutique as a regular customer or as a bride-to-be is an amazing experience. Inside the beautiful showroom you will find an endless variety of innovative fusion jewellery with unique designs, merged with western sophistication and Eastern glamour, made with Swarovski® Elements to complement intricate, understated or bold designs.
Always at the forefront of new concepts, there’s no surprise why every bride who sets eyes on their creations simply falls in love.
In fact, fashion designers are now incorporating the Kyles concept into the outfit – rather than the other way around. Kyles Chief Designer Nisha Dadi enthuses, ‘It’s great to know that our designs are so innovative that some brides come to us first before choosing their outfit.’
When you step into Kyles you breathe a sigh of relief. Kyles extends a warm welcome in a luxurious yet customer-friendly ambience. The spacious state-of the art showroom is totally devoted to the art and craft of jewellery.
And if you want to experience all this with added benefits, you’ll love the Kyles Exclusive Bridal Evening.


Nisha reveals, ‘Customer service is a matter of great pride for us. It’s important to understand the customer, her style and personality so that we can tailor jewellery to suit them. This is why we have launched an extra special opportunity. Designed for the working women in mind who cannot visit during working hours, we’re offering a VIP experience to help them understand the concept of Kyles, familiarise themselves with our brand and designs, and talk through the collections that would best suit them for their Big Day.’
The entire process is designed to give brides a relaxing, in-depth shopping experience and an intimate consultation. ‘Exclusively held every season, brides have the luxury of browsing at their own leisure to simply admire the new collections, concepts and designs that we are forever introducing,’ adds Nisha.
Starting with a 90 minute bridal consultation with experienced designers, going through various different ideas and aspects of the collections, brides are able to browse through the showroom and admire the ranges of designs in their own VIP area, while being treated to delicious canapés and champagne.


Nisha proudly adds, ‘We closed the shop to the public to make the experience unique, personal and more exclusive, addressing the needs of the bride. The designer will give an introduction into the brand, explain the production process from how the jewellery is made to the end result of crystals being implemented, all of which emphasise how bespoke our creations are. This then leads onto mood board influences such as traditional Jodhaa Akbar style sets that include regal antique necklaces and pearls / rani haars, Spanish theme sets, party / occasion and intricate mehndi wear jewellery to reception jewellery such as couture pieces, off the shoulder. What’s special is that these themes and backdrops that we have created set an ambience and idea of how the bride will look on her wedding day, not just with the jewellery but taking into account the venue and décor scheme. We talk to the brides on what themes they will be having and what certain styles of jewellery would fit that concept.’
The special invite session for brides-to-be really showcases that Kyles Collection is a concept considered with an emotion for the bride. Nisha explains, ‘Whatever the client wears will symbolise something that relates to Kyles. Each experienced designer (specially trained by chief designer Nisha) will have a look at their outfits taking into consideration how she will drape the dupatta on her head, create the perfect look for the bride, show how pieces can change themes such as an Arabic look with chain work, a Pakistani traditional look by adding a nose ring or jhoomar, a belt or rani haar that can turn her into a Bengali bride. It’s about giving them multiple choices by creating different looks. We also have models walking around the showroom showcasing the latest jewellery collection so you get a better idea on how it will look.’
The bridal experience is not just created for the bride, but for the bridal party and groom, that’s why you can invite two guests.
The groom can co-ordinate with the bride as it’s just as imperative that they look the part with sophisticated jewellery ranges of traditional maharaja and high fashion statement pieces – there’s a whole selection just for the groom, making the process of matching each other much more fun.
Couples can relax and unwind over complimentary drinks and enjoy creating their unique jewellery, choosing a set that suits their personality and sense of style.
‘We are looking to invite brides that have chosen their venue and outfit so they can theme accordingly,’ says Nisha. And if you haven’t selected your outfit or venue, you can still have a one-to-one personal consultation with one of their chief designers at any time.
Whichever service you choose, all the packaging of the jewellery is done in the exclusive Kyles Elite Bridal Box, which the bride-to-be will receive as a special gift on the bridal evening to make it a personal Kyles experience.

May 24, 2012 — Pali Banwait

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