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How Anisha Vasani of Asiana gave Manrina & Rishi Rich days to remember…

Date: 21-25 Sep 2011 Photos: HS Photography (official), Rafyl Photography (behind the scenes) Make-up: Ambreen Hair: Dar Mehndi: Ash Kumar, Pavan Outfits: Silons, Sonas (bride), Ziggi Studio (groom) Jewellery: Yash Bespoke, Kyles Collection, Gold Factory

She used to scrawl ‘Manrina loves Rishi’ in a heart all over her textbooks as a starry-eyed child, Manrina isn’t exaggerating when she tells him ‘I have loved you forever’. After her parents had repeatedly refused to let her attend gigs for being underage, she suddenly found herself in later years sharing the same circle of friends – despite their paths crossing on a few occasions, it wasn’t until at a barbecue at a friend’s last summer that they finally got to connect.

Asiana reception

Date: 25 Sep Venue: The Grange Hotel, Tower Hill Photos: HS Photography & Rafyl Videography: A Dream Wedding Hair & make-up: Ambreen 
Jewellery: Kyles Outfits: Sonas (bride), Catering: Salt and Grain Decor: RWS

Manrina: The Grange completely blew us away, and made all the more special because ours was the first wedding reception to be held there. Rishi: I was after a glamorous event – and Anisha’s idea to lay it out as an Oscars themed party complete with red carpet, Nihal interviewing guests and celebrity friends, photo booth and jazz band was a burst of genius!

M: ‘HS Photography are perfectionists, professional and simply brilliant. From the stunning glass personalised guestbook to the albums, we’ll never be short of memories to cherish.’
R: ‘For videography, it was always going to be A Dream Wedding, because Pankaj was one of the people that gave me a break in the industry back in the day. And the photo booth by Picture Blast was one of the most fun and talked about features of the night. Every time we see the CD of pictures we can’t stop laughing!’

M: ‘Nisha from Kyles suggested we go for something intricate to match the golden leaf design on the dress. Studded with Swarovski crystal, with matching bracelet and brooches, I felt like a precious jewel myself!’

M: I saw the outfit I wanted in Asiana Wedding (Sonas catwalk spread from
Asiana Bridal Show 2011). I wanted something grand and princess like. The gown was an off the shoulder piece with crystals on the bodice with a flared skirt and elongated trail. I did worry that seeing as it was made for a model, it wouldn’t look right on me, but it fit like a glove – that’s why they call me Indian Barbie!’
R: ‘I got my navy two-toned suit from Pal Zileri, and Ziggi took the silk from Manrina’s dress to make a handkerchief and cravat so we matched each other at just the right level.’

M: ‘Ambreen turned up the drama with gold and black smoky eyes, plus a double layer of false lashes for added flutter, and sparkle on the lids so it caught the light. I felt so feminine in peach lips and absolutely glamourous under the sweeping, tumbling hairstyle she created for me. Pavan, a Guinness World Record holder for Mehndi, did my body art – I’ve never had so many people take photos of my shoulder!’

M: ‘When we asked Anisha Vasani from Asiana and Sid Chikte from Chameleon Events, we knew we’d be in the best hands, but we never imagined so many industry’s finest would sign up so quickly to make our day so spectacular. People are calling it ‘the wedding of the year’. Thank you to all the wedding service providers, and thank you my lucky stars!

October 28, 2011 — Rav Dadi

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