Many Asian brides are making the most of different cultural influences, and opting for both a traditional wedding day and also a separate registry occasion. In this blog we examine the different attributes to create a typical western, princess style wedding.

The Dress
A white wedding dress is the signature style, however an off white or ivory shade is also very much on trend. The cut can be anything from a ball gown with a heavy trail to a fishtail, but in all cases simplicity will be the main theme.

Unlike the Asian wedding outfits, a civil look will have minimal embroidery in either silver, to go with a pure white dress or ivory/ cream outfits will suit gold embroidery details and pearls.

The Jewellery
A tiara is a must, and the beauty of our bespoke service is to create specific sizes to suit your preference. Furthermore simple drop earrings and a delicate necklace will accentuate a simplistic impression. The combination of pearls and clear Swarovski crystals also look divine.

The Location
What more to set the scene as a princess than to make the most of manor houses to rural castle settings. In the UK there are hundreds of possible locations to make the most of the rich heritage.

The Service
We hand craft all our jewellery from our London workshop. So Why not bring in screenshots or tear offs of your ideas, and our designers can take the inspiration to create the perfect set for your civil wedding day.
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January 31, 2018 — Manjna Dadi

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