As a bride you may have all sorts of styling questions going through your mind. At Kyles we can create all kinds of looks to create your perfect impression, but in this blog we highlight the main attributes for a traditional Indian bridal look.

Colour Hues
Red has always been the heritage colour, with antique golden shades to give an authentic look. The detail of the embroidery differs according to the designers location and vision.

The style and cut of the outfit has drastically changed over the years. In the past the style was very conservative, showing little skin. However in recent years a fusion has prevailed taking inspiration from western ball gowns yet still with signature heavy dupatta’s draped over the bride.

Accessories have equally transcended over the years, yet recently many vintage jewellery has emerged. Heavy Rani Harr necklaces and Bold naths (nose rings) are very much on trend right now. Due to our bespoke service, we can create the exact jewellery your looking for, and the best thing is that we can tweek any of the pieces to be larger or smaller to suit your proportions.

To achieve the perfect match, we’ll examine the outfit embroidery and offer one of our hundreds of designs that match the intricacy of the outfit. We also take into account several other aspects for co-ordinated excellence.

So when your ready, book a free bridal consultation with us in London or contact our online stylists to help you shop for the perfect jewellery for your big day.

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January 04, 2018 — Manjna Dadi

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